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  • Run Git Bash
	cd ApacheLogToDB
	notepad ApacheLogToDB.cs
	*copy and save new source
	git add ApacheLogToDB.cs
	git commit -m "v1.2: MySQL support was added"
	git push origin master

Release notes:

In this release MySQL support has been added and some minor bugs have been fixed.
Package contents:
* ApacheLogToDB.exe - main binary file
* ApacheLogToDB.conf.xml - a template of configuration file
* ApacheLogToDB_MT.exe - experimental multi-threaded version
* ApacheLogToDB.config - .NET compatibility list
* - MySQL Connector/Net library. Redistributed according to it's license terms.

Initial cloning:
  • Run Git Bash
	git config --global "CodeDriller"
	git clone ApacheLogToDB

It may also be helpful to note that in addition to cloning empty repo to local directory, if the code already exists and ready to push up to codeplex, its easier to do the following:
C:\dev\Project> git init
C:\dev\Project> git add .
C:\dev\Project> git commit -m "initial source upload"
C:\dev\Project> git remote add origin
C:\dev\Project> git push -u origin master

Here are two great Git UI clients for Windows:

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