• If anything goes wrong, see ApacheLogToDB's error log file in first place. ApacheLogToDB's error messages are quite informative, you won't have much trouble finding the error's cause.
  • Most SQL Server connection issues are explained in this SQL Server Protocols Blog post.
  • Common problems with MySQL are explained in this section of MySQL documentation.
  • If "Authentication with old password no longer supported, use 4.1 style passwords." error arises when trying to connect to MySQL Server, the following commands should be launched in MySQL console (insert your username and password):
SET SESSION old_passwords=0;
SET PASSWORD FOR my_user=PASSWORD('my_password');
  • If Apache service doesn't start, it's typically a configuration problem. Try launching Apache as a program (not a Windows service) to see error description. Some configuration errors are also logged into Apache's error log file, that is usually called "error.log" and is usually located in Apache's \logs subfolder.

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